2017-2018 Invited Members

MAYWE is ready to start with some Bach, Holst, and much more!  Due to the storm, auditions have been a bit of a challenge this week.  We are keeping our auditions open and have reserved a few spots so that interested students who experienced difficulties last week have an opportunity to submit.

It was our intent to notify students individually prior to making this public, but we experienced some difficulties with a server and want to make sure that the proper roster was communicated.  We are pleased to announce the invitation to membership to the following musicians and look forward to meeting Monday night at 7pm at Riverwood HS. 

Abby Jones
Alan Payne
Amari Thompson
Ari Schulman
Ashlyn Rawson
Austin Thorton
Bailey Croker
Bradin Baum
Brianna Burton
Brianna Duncan
Caroline Mohr
Conner Williams
Corey Williams
Dakota McCreary
Elek Kozma
Elise Gran
Elshadai Emory
Emily Kim
Emily Vail
Gabriella Kouzinoglou
Grace Anne Pixley
Grant Pixley
Haley Patton
Ivy Lee
Izabelle Brown
Jada Stills
joeseph Bickel
Jonah Bergman
Jordan Steele
Justin Chau
Kennedi Clemons
Leah Nuffer
Maddie Moore
Malaysia Wilson
Matthew Kim
Mikayla Bush
Neshanna Davenport
Nicolas Capalbo
Nina Eason
Noah Minch
Peter Germ
Rachel Holewinski
Riley Welch
Ronnie Kitchens
Roshan Vemuri
Ryan Quinn
Savanah Mauldin
Shayaan Kabir
Sydney Sloan
Talia Miller
Tommie Johnson
Tonya Williams
Trishyne Butler
Vishaal Kareti
Will Hudson
William Robinson
Zack Gray